*”Lauren has been providing piano instruction to my children (ages 13 and 11) for over 7 years.

She is always willing to making learning fun and has helped them both learn how to play popular as well as classical music.  When the children are struggling over a particularly difficult piece, Lauren makes good suggestion for overcoming the obstacle.  Lauren is very personable and has established a warm relationship with each child that extends beyond just being their teacher.

I am constantly advertising her services to people looking for a piano instructor  because I think so highly of her.  We look forward to her arrival every week.”

-Ilona Iosso

-Falls Church VA


*“Positive, Patient and Professional sum up Lauren Morra.  She is a gifted gem of a music teacher.

Lauren has taught my 7 year-old daughter piano for 8 months now, and my daughter has loved each and every lesson, is highly motivated and has progressed well beyond our expectations.  When asked what she likes about Lauren, my daughter says she knows just how to make the lessons understandable to a beginner.  And she always gives me, the parent, feedback after each lesson.


Lauren’s enthusiasm for teaching her students music makes us look forward to seeing her.  Last, other students I know like Lauren too:  adults and older children alike.”


–          Patty Keffer

–          McLean, VA


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